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Hand Made Sindhi Caps

The Sindhi cap or Sindhi topi (Sindhi: سنڌي ٽوپي ‎, Urdu: سندھی ٹوپی‎) is a hat worn predominantly by Sindhi people of Sindh province - however, it has been also adopted by the Baloch people and Saraiki people including Pashtuns. Together with ajrak, Sindhi Topi is regarded as an essential part of Sindhi culture and a symbol of Sindhi nationalism for hundreds of years. The hat is circular/cylindrical except for a portion cut out in the front to expose the forehead.

Sizing Guide for Handmade Topis

Please follow the guide below for choosing the appropriate size:-

1. With a measuring tape, measure the size(circumference) of your head from the centre of the forehead around the back of the head.
2. Choose sizes equal to or down to 1cm lesser than your head size. For example, if your baby head size is 15cm, choose 15cm or 14.5cm size Topi.

Handmade topis are more flexible than machine-made ones.

Disclaimer : Actual product color may differ slightly from the product image.